Enterprise Security Services


Security remains an ongoing process in order to gain continuous optimization. This requires the injection of a mature approach to get things where they need to go.

Over the course of over 2 decades, we have developed cost effective cybersecurity services that get things done and costs a fraction of traditional approaches.

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Security is a day to day item that can only be addressed continuously if optimized security is your true goal.

Your IT team needs to be complemented with senior security experts along with industry recognized security tools to evaluate your current security maturity and assist in optimizing that security day after day.

The EVA-TRUST® model boils down to a monthly service package that gives you all the essential components your enterprise needs to take charge on the security front at a fraction of traditional apporaches.
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The EVA-TRUST® security attestation is an industry leader with it's unique attestation process that ensures that your customers get the appropriate confidence in such a security process.

Our published report cards are updated by the security analyst who performed the testing or auditing themselves.

Not just a logo one puts on their website, but a formal link to our website with the required level of details that inspire your clients. Along with the contact information to reach the actual analyst that performed the attestation.

That's the EVA-TRUST® foundation.
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When you need a Chief Security Officer to represent your interests, we are the ones to call.

Our seasoned security experts have cumulated decades of experience across every type of corporation big and small.

They are accustomed to highly complex enterprises and situations.

Each of our service package includes some level of CSO on demand as this is an integral part of our philosophy and is a corner stone of a healthy attitude towards cyber security.