EVA-Technologies Senior Executive Coaching

“To achieve a well protected state, security must be addressed from all levels. This means talent, technology and evolved yet adapted methodologies. Targeting optimization initiatives where an increase in maturity will most benefit the enterprise, while differentiating from areas that would not, requires a wealth of expertise rarely found in a single individual. Add to that a complete toolset of best of breed security tools along with methodologies that have been perfected over the course of decades of R&D and you have a recipe that simply cannot be beat by doing it on your own.“
ERIC PARENT, founder and CEO of Logicnet & EVA-Technologies

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Logicnet was founded in 1996 as an IT Security Company. It is one of Canada’s oldest privately operated security companies. Awarded various International Awards for outstanding contribution to the Information Security Field, Logicnet is well known for its unique approach to IT Security.

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In 2009, Logicnet launched a new division called EVA Technologies (Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment & Avoidance).
Its core objective: research and development to better the security industry with innovative tools and optimized frameworks.