Knowledge Transfer

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Having your own staff take notice and take charge of security risks yields the most cost effective results.

Workshops can be performed to address specific subjects with pre-established goals and guidelines that ensure that the most optimal decision are ready to be taken at the close of the workshop.

Custom training for specific areas of interest are often required to address highly technical subjects or subjects that require very precise or customized content.
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The EVA Technologies team is invited to present at various venues world wide.

Custom prepared presentations are often assembled to address a specific need, or our current set of presentations that are always evolving to follow industry trends is used when the subjects at hand satisfy the objective of the presentation.

Our team is very solicited, so do not hesitate to reserve a date early.
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Various associations often have very unique needs that are best addressed with a private training session assembled after discussions and exchanges between the organizers and the selected presenter.

We strive to accommodate all such requests but our sessions being very popular we must work with the "first come, first served" approach so reach out to us as early as possible to start the process and reserve a date.