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In this day and age, every senior executive needs a CyberSecurity Advisor. In fact, this has been the case for many years now. This is now part of our reality. Having an indepedant, qualified and unbiased advisor is now a key success factor.
Eric Parent, founder and CEO, EVA Technologies

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Today almost every decision involves some level of technology and security.

Having a trusted advisor who can provide guidance in order for you to make optimal decisions is your key to success.

Good decisions from the get go means less hassles down the road, and optimized decisions that benefit the entire enterprise
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Healthy security habits do not come naturally.

Performing a health check of every aspect of your digital life is the only way to identify areas prone to abuse.

Our EVA-TRUST® audit methodology combined with decades of experience protecting high wealth individuals produces a detailed dashboard that will completely change your security posture.
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Every decision should have a cyber security component being reviewed.

Your investments in time and money are well worth the assurance that all the players are operating at the level you expect.